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About us

NanoCal AB started in September 2004, but have more than 20 years Experience of calibration.

NanoCal AB is located in Visby on the Island Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The company has great experience from calibration at Ericsson and Flextronics.

The Ericsson Company has always had Quality as a key to it´s success within telecom business. NanoCal´s staff worked with calibration at Ericsson when the Plant was sold to Flextronics in 1999. The calibration laboratory continued with the same high ambitions at Flextronics.

When Flextronics decided to close Visby Plant in 2003 due to low rate of orders, the opportunity of continuing calibration business by achieving the calibration equipment in Visby came true.

The need of a calibration laboratory with the size and width as NanoCal was until now only available at the larger Vendors or manufacturers themselves. From now on there is a small company with great possibilities: NanoCal AB

Idea of the Company

NanoCal AB offer calibration services with a great width and competitive prices for both small and large Companies. To achieve on-site calibration is possible at other Companies, but until now it has only been a few larger Companies or some smaller with limited range of calibration.

NanoCal AB want to change that through their small organisation, straigth customer contact, easy order handling and competitive pricing with same Quality as larger Companies.

Calibration is done according to SS-EN ISO 10012-2003.


NanoCal AB will be the natural choice of calibration services with the right Quality for the Customer. Continuously develop new Methods and Ideas to broaden the Capacity and the Market.


Kjell Svensson – has been working with calibration since 1984.


Quality Policy

The goal is to fulfil Customer´s requirements and if possible exceed Customer´s expectations.

Our Goals of Quality shall be fulfilled through:
– deliver services with right content at time of agreement
– meet our Customers in a professional way
– develop our technical- and businesslike competence within the Company
– always be impartial in our assessments
– choose Partners and Vendors with likwise goals as NanoCal

We develop our own quality control and quality management through continuous improvement.