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A selection of Models that NanoCal calibrates

We can of course create procedures for new Models upon request. If so, please send us manuals and /or Specifications and we will have a look at it and write new procedures if possible. New procedures are created without charge.

Below You can see a selection of Manufacturers and Models that we already have got procedures for. We can of course calibrate a lot more Models. Please contact us for more information.

We cooperate with some more Vendors of Calibration Services. NanoCal AB is Your only need as single Vendor for all Your test equipment calibration.

Modell/Type Beskrivning/Descr. Fabrikat/Mfr
701 Megohmmeter 3M
704 Field strength meter 3M
PAM-0207 Amplifier A.H. Systems
ACL300B Electrostatic Locator ACL
PSSL1000 Electronic Load Acme
104A DC Volt standard ADRET
R3131 Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3131A Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3162 Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3261A Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3271 Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3272 Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3361A Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3361AN Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3361B Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3361C Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R3753BH Network Analyzer Advantest
R3765CH Network Analyzer Advantest
R3767C Network Analyzer Advantest
R3767CH Network Analyzer Advantest
R4131B Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
R4131C Spectrum Analyzer Advantest
H216 HIPOT tester AEMC
9520 Force gauge Aikoh
150A100B Amplifier Amplifier Research
30W1000A RF Amplifier Amplifier Research
30W1000M7 RF Amplifier Amplifier Research
50A220M4 Amplifier Amplifier Research
5560DT High Voltage Tester Amplifier Research
75A250 RF Amplifier Amplifier Research
DC3001 Directional Coupler Amplifier Research
DC3400A Dual Directional Coupler Amplifier Research
AM-1250 Digital Multimeter Amprobe
AM-1280E Digital Multimeter Amprobe
PPS-2322 Power Supply Amrel
PPS-35-2 Power Supply Amrel
DP100 Digital Multimeter Analogic
MG545A Synthesizer Anritsu
MS2661A Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu
MS2667C Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu
MS2723B Spectrum Analyzer Anritsu
S332D Sitemaster Anritsu
CMU310 Calibrator / Tester AOIP
PJ6301 Calibrator AOIP
PJN5208 Calibrator AOIP
RN5306 Safety Ohmmeter AOIP
SN8300 Calibrator AOIP
SN8310 Calibrator AOIP
103 Digital Multimeter APPA
109 Digital Multimeter APPA
201 Digital Multimeter APPA
305 Digital Multimeter APPA
105R Digital Multimeter APPA
93N Digital Multimeter APPA
IS-85E Strömsimulator Ardy
PST88E Calibrator / Tester Ardy
A-750 ESD-Provare Band/Sko Armeka
S1032 Calibrated DC Source ASEA
F25 Digital Thermometer ASL
7564SA Electrical Safety Tester Associated Research
HYPOT II 3565D AC/DC Withstand Tester Associated Research
HYPOT II 3570D High Voltage Tester Associated Research
HYPOT ULTRA 765 High Voltage Tester Associated Research
HYPOYT II 3535D AC/DC Withstand Tester Associated Research
OMNIA Electrical Safety Tester Associated Research
TT10 Torque Tester Atlas Copco
BM80 Megger BM80 AVO
BMM2000 Insulation Multimeter AVO
PAT2/2 Electrical Safety Tester AVO
3020B Digital Multimeter Beckman
3030B Digital Multimeter Beckman
310T Digital Multimeter Beckman
6976E/1 Torque Tester Belzer
43 Wattmeter Bird
8401 Coaxial Resistor Bird
250H Power Plug Bird
50-A-MFN-20 Coaxial Attenuator Bird
BK830 Capacitance Meter BK Instruments
1325 Frequency Counter Black Star
JUPITER 500 Function Generator Black Star
METEOR 100 Frequency Counter Black Star
NOVA 200 Frequency Counter Black Star
SRM1 Surface Resistance Checker Bondline
SRM-100 ESD Surface Resistance Checker Bondline
4200RF Power Meter + sensor Boonton
4232A + 51071 Powermeter + sensor Boonton
TSM Belt Tension Tester Breco
5664 Tunable Notch Filter Bruel & Kjaer
110 Dynamometer Bucheler
2318 Resistomat Burster
DIGISTANT 4462 Calibration source Burster
99091 Ionizing Test Kit Charleswater
99106 Resistance meter Charleswater
CHW Surface R Meter Charleswater
EUROPE LCD Megohmmeter Charleswater
CA6121 Machine Tester Chauvin Arnoux
CA6160 Appliance Tester Chauvin Arnoux
CA6413 Jordresistansmeter Chauvin Arnoux
61603 AC Power Supply Chroma
LS200W-30V-S Electronic Load Chroma
LS500W-75V-S Electronic Load Chroma
17 Digital Multimeter Chyfiremate
10-CHY Digital Multimeter Chyfiremate
24C LCR Meter Chyfiremate
CHY17 Digital Multimeter Chyfiremate
CHY21C Digital Multimeter Chyfiremate
HAL H101 High Voltage Tester Clare
PA-103 Preamplifier Com-Power
READ STAR Torque Tester Crane
DK4A Decade Capacitor Danbridge
DK4S Kapacitansdekad Danbridge
DK4SV Kapacitansdekad Danbridge
DR6/XX Decade Resistor Danbridge
JP-12 High Voltage Tester Danbridge
JP30A Isolationsprovare Danbridge
2480R Digital Multimeter Data Precision
DP9061A Temp logger Datapaq
1352 VXI Digital Multimeter Datron
4705 Calibrator Datron
ES 030-5 Power Supply Delta Elektronik
SM120-13 Power Supply Delta Elektronik
SM7020 Power Supply Delta Elektronik
SM7020D Power Supply Delta Elektronik
XTS30-2 Power Supply Delta Elektronik
DM100 Digital Multimeter Digimess
RLC100 RLC-Meter Digimess
P600 Digital Thermometer Dostmann
90-1F High Voltage Tester Elabo
90-2A Earth Bond Tester Elabo
60D Digital Multimeter Elit
325LA Amplifier ENI
A150 Amplifier ENI
1/LPE203663 Testfixtur NMT Ericsson
LTM298030 Lödtidmätare Ericsson
LTM875932-1-R1 Ref.Resistor 4Mohm Ericsson
LTM875935-R1A Ref.Resistor 0.1Mohm Ericsson
DTM100 Tempmätare ERSA
1341 Digital Multimeter Escort
ELC-131D LCR Meter Escort
ELC-132A LCR Meter Escort
ELC-3131D LCR Meter Escort
HVM21 High Voltage Tester ETL
RS21 Jordledarprovare ETL
RS36A PE Conductor Tester ETL
SK21 Insulation/Cond. tester ETL
UG22/6 High Voltage Tester ETL
UG28C High Voltage Tester ETL
UH36 High Voltage Tester ETL
EFM51 Electrostatic Field Meter Eurostat
EMF022 Electrofieldmeter Eurostat
WST50 ESD-Handledsremsprov Eurostat
EFM022 ESD Field Tester Eurostat./Kleinwäch.
GM3 Electrical Safety Dummy ExCal
10 Digital Multimeter Fluke
11 Digital Multimeter Fluke
12 Digital Multimeter Fluke
16 Digital Multimeter Fluke
21 Digital Multimeter Fluke
23 Digital Multimeter Fluke
25 Digital Multimeter Fluke
29 Digital Multimeter Fluke
45 Digital Multimeter Fluke
52 Termometer Fluke
70 Digital Multimeter Fluke
73 Digital Multimeter Fluke
75 Digital Multimeter Fluke
76 Digital Multimeter Fluke
77 Digital Multimeter Fluke
79 Digital Multimeter Fluke
83 Digital Multimeter Fluke
85 Digital Multimeter Fluke
87 Digital Multimeter Fluke
89 Digital Multimeter Fluke
99 Scopemeter Fluke
111 Digital Multimeter Fluke
112 Digital Multimeter Fluke
114 Digital Multimeter Fluke
115 Digital Multimeter Fluke
124 Scopemeter Fluke
175 Digital Multimeter Fluke
177 Digital Multimeter Fluke
179 Digital Multimeter Fluke
187 Digital Multimeter Fluke
189 Digital Multimeter Fluke
233 Digital Mutlimeter Fluke
289 Digital Multimeter Fluke
705 Loop Calibrator Fluke
867 Graphical Multimeter Fluke
1507 Insulation Resistance Tester Fluke
1520 Megohmmeter Fluke
5500 Calibrator Fluke
12B Digital Mutlimeter Fluke
1953A Counter-Timer Fluke
199C Scopemeter Fluke
199-SC Scopemeter Fluke
5100B Calibrator Fluke
5101B Calibrator Fluke
51-II Digital Thermometer Fluke
5500A Multifunction Calibrator Fluke
6061A Signal Generator Fluke
8000A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8010A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8024B Digital Multimeter Fluke
8050A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8060A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8062A Digital Multimeter Fluke
80I-110S Current clamp Fluke
80J-10 Shunt AC/DC Fluke
80K-40HV High Voltage Probe Fluke
80K-6 High Voltage Probe Fluke
867B Graphical Multimeter Fluke
8840A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8842A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8845A Digital Multimeter Fluke
8846A Digital Multimeter Fluke
PM3380A Combi Scope Fluke
PM3384A/B Combiscope Fluke
PM5138A Function Generator Fluke
PM5139 Function Generator Fluke
PM6303A LCR Meter Fluke
PM6304 LCR-Meter Fluke
PM6669 Frequency Counter Fluke
PM6685 Frequency Counter Fluke
PM6690 Timer /Counter Fluke
507C Sonic Tension Meter Gates
1192 Timer /Counter GenRad
1440 Normalresistans GenRad
1864 Megohmmeter GenRad
1409-X Normalkapacitans GenRad
1419-K Dekadkapacitans GenRad
1482-X Normalinduktans GenRad
80401A Power Sensor Gigatronics
8541C Power Meter Gigatronics
UNIGOR 6E Universalinstrument Goertz
0100SII Analyzer Profitest Gossen
METRAHIT 22S Digital Multimeter Gossen
SECUTEST SIII Security Tester Gossen Metrawatt
PN300 DC Power Supply Grundig
RF1000 RF Millivoltmeter Grundig
9230/100 DC Current Shunt Guildline
9230A-15 DC Current Shunt Guildline
GDM-8246 Digital Multimeter GW Instek
GDS-820C Oscilloscope GW Instek
GFG-3015 Function Generator GW instek
GPC-1850D Power Supply GW Instek
GPI-745A Electrical Safety Tester GW Instek
GPT-815 Isolationsprovare GW Instek
GDS-806S Oscilloscope GW-Instek
DS3004 Electronic Load H & H
PL906 Electronic Load H & H
HM205-2 Oscilloscope Hameg
HM205-3 Oscilloscope Hameg
HM5530 Spectrum Analyzer Hameg
HMS3010 Spectrum Analyzer Hameg
HZ22 Feedthrough Termination Hameg
100MOHM Shunt Hartmann & Braun
3220 Safety Ohmmeter Hioki
3274 Current probe Hioki
3276 Current Probe Hioki
H-100 Torque Tester HIOS
HD-50 Torque Tester HIOS
HP-10 Torque Tester HIOS
HP-100 Torque Tester HIOS
HWP-200 Torque Tester HIOS
8,75E-03 Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
3478 Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
5386 Frequency Counter HP-Agilent
10073C Pasive Probe HP-Agilent
1141A Differential Probe HP-Agilent
1156A Differential Probe HP-Agilent
11636A Power Splitter HP-Agilent
11667A Power Splitter HP-Agilent
11683A Range Calibrator HP-Agilent
11713A Attenuator/Switch Driver HP-Agilent
11715A AM/FM Test Source HP-Agilent
141T Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
33120A Function-/Arbitrary Generator HP-Agilent
3314A Function Generator HP-Agilent
33210A Function Generator HP-Agilent
33220A Function Generator HP-Agilent
3324A Function Generator HP-Agilent
33250A Function-/Arbitrary Generator HP-Agilent
3325A Synthesizer/Function Generator HP-Agilent
3325B Function Generator HP-Agilent
33320A Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
33320G Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
33321G Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
33522A Function-/Arbitrary Generator HP-Agilent
3400B RMS Voltmeter HP-Agilent
34111A High Voltage Probe HP-Agilent
34119A High Voltage Probe HP-Agilent
3437A Systemvoltmeter HP-Agilent
34401A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
34405A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
34410A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
34411A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
34420A Nanovolt Meter HP-Agilent
3455A Digital Voltmeter HP-Agilent
3457A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
3458A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
3478A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
3488A Switch/control unit HP-Agilent
34901A 20 Ch Multiplexer HP-Agilent
34903A 20 Ch Multiplexer HP-Agilent
34905A Dual 4-Ch RF MUX HP-Agilent
34907A Multifunction Module HP-Agilent
34908A 40 Ch Multiplexer HP-Agilent
34922A 70-Ch Arm. Mux. HP-Agilent
34937A 32 CH GP Switch HP-Agilent
34952A Multifunction Module HP-Agilent
34970A DA /Switch Unit HP-Agilent
34972A DA /Switch Unit HP-Agilent
34980A DA /Switch Unit HP-Agilent
355D Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
3561A Dynamic Signal Analyzer HP-Agilent
35660A Dynamic Signal Analyzer HP-Agilent
35670A Dynamic Signal Analyzer HP-Agilent
35676-66301 50 ohm Signa Divider HP-Agilent
35677A S-Parameter Test Set HP-Agilent
3577A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
3577B Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
3588A Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
3784A Transmission Analyzer HP-Agilent
400EL RMS Voltmeter HP-Agilent
4191A Impedansanalysator HP-Agilent
4192A Impedance analyzer HP-Agilent
4263B LCR Meter HP-Agilent
436A Power Meter HP-Agilent
437B Power Meter HP-Agilent
438A Power Meter HP-Agilent
4395A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
4396B Network/Spectrum/Imp. Analyzer HP-Agilent
44421A Low Thermal Relay Assy HP-Agilent
44428A Actuator/DO Assy HP-Agilent
44429A Dual Outp. DA Converter HP-Agilent
44471A 10 CH GP Relay card HP-Agilent
44472A Dual 4 CH VHF Switch HP-Agilent
5304A Frequency Counter HP-Agilent
5308A Frequency Counter HP-Agilent
53131A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
53132A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
53150A Freq.Counter/Pwr Meter HP-Agilent
53152A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5315A/B Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5316A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5316B Universal Counter HP-Agilent
53181A Frekvensräknare HP-Agilent
5328A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5328B Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5334A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5334B Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5335A Universal Counter HP-Agilent
5340A Frequency Counter HP-Agilent
5350B MW Frequency Counter HP-Agilent
5385A Frequency Counter HP-Agilent
54501A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54502A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54504A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54600A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54600B Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54601A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54601B Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54602A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54602B Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54603B Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54610A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54610B Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54616B Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54622D Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54641A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54642D Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54645D Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54810A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
54822D Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
58503A GPS Frequency Receiver HP-Agilent
6012A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6030A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6032A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6034L Power Supply HP-Agilent
6038A Power Supply HP-Agilent
60501A Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
60501B Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
60502A Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
60502B Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
60504A Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
60504B Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
6060A Electronic Load HP-Agilent
6060B Electronic Load HP-Agilent
6063B Electronic Load HP-Agilent
66101A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
66102A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
66103A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
66104A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
66105A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
66106A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
6611C AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6612C AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6613B AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6622A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6623A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6624A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6625A Power Supply HP-Agilent
66311B Power Supply HP-Agilent
6631A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6631B Power Supply HP-Agilent
6632B Power Supply HP-Agilent
6633A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6633B Power Supply HP-Agilent
6634A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6634B Power Supply HP-Agilent
6641A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6644A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6645A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6653A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6654A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6655A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6672A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6674A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6675A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6692A Power Supply HP-Agilent
6812A AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6812B AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6813A AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6813B AC Power Source/Analyzer HP-Agilent
6824A DC Power Supply/Amplifier HP-Agilent
778D Dual Directional Coupler HP-Agilent
8011A Pulse Generator HP-Agilent
81101A Pulse Generator HP-Agilent
81131A Pulse Generator HP-Agilent
8115A Pulse Generator HP-Agilent
8116A Pulse Generator HP-Agilent
8118A Pulse Generator HP-Agilent
82357A GPIB-USB Interface HP-Agilent
8340B Sweep Generator HP-Agilent
83592B Sweepgenerator HP-Agilent
8405A Vector Voltmeter HP-Agilent
8447F Amplifier HP-Agilent
8481A Power Sensor HP-Agilent
8481D Power Sensor HP-Agilent
8482A Power Sensor HP-Agilent
8482H Power Sensor HP-Agilent
8491A Attenuator HP-Agilent
8494G Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
8495G Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
8496A Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
8496G Step Attenuator HP-Agilent
85024A RF Probe HP-Agilent
85029B Verification kit 7mm HP-Agilent
85031B Calibration Kit 7mm HP-Agilent
85032B Calibration Kit type -N HP-Agilent
85032F Calibration Kit type -N HP-Agilent
85033C Calibration Kit 3,5mm HP-Agilent
85033D Calibration Kit 3,5mm HP-Agilent
85033E Calibration Kit 3,5mm HP-Agilent
85046A S-Parameter Test Set HP-Agilent
85047A S-Parameter Test Set HP-Agilent
8506A RMS Voltmeter HP-Agilent
85082A Input module HP-Agilent
8508A Vector Voltmeter HP-Agilent
8560E/EC Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8561E Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8562A Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8566B Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8590A Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8591E Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8591EM Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8593E Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8594A Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8594E Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8594Q Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8595E Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
8596E Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
86205A Directional Bridge HP-Agilent
8643A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8644A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8644B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8647A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8648A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8648B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8648C Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8656A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8656B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8657B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8657B-022 Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8662A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8663A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8664A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8665A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8665B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
8712B Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8712ES Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8712ET Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8714C Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8714ES Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8714ET Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8719C Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8720C Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8721A Directional Bridge HP-Agilent
87511A S-Parameter Test Set HP-Agilent
8751A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753C Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753C-006 Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753D Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753D-006 Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753D-011 Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753E Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753ES Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753ES-006 Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8753ET Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
8769K Multiport Coaxial Switch HP-Agilent
8902A Measuring Receiver HP-Agilent
8903A Audio Analyzer HP-Agilent
8903B Audio Analyzer HP-Agilent
8903E Distortion Analyzer HP-Agilent
8904A Function Generator HP-Agilent
8921A Cellsite Test Set HP-Agilent
89410A Vector Signal Analyzer HP-Agilent
89441A Vector Signal Analyzer HP-Agilent
8970A Noise Figure Meter HP-Agilent
8970B Noise Figure Meter HP-Agilent
909A Coaxial Termination HP-Agilent
909F Coaxial Termination HP-Agilent
DSO5034A Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
DSO6014L Oscilloscope HP-Agilent
E1361A 4×4 Relay Matrix HP-Agilent
E1364A 16 Ch Form C Switch Module HP-Agilent
E1366A 50 ohm RF MUX HP-Agilent
E1420B VXI Universal Counter HP-Agilent
E1440A VXI Function Generator HP-Agilent
E3612A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3630A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3631A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3632A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3633A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3634A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3640A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3641A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3642A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3645A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3646A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3647A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3648A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E3649A Power Supply HP-Agilent
E4400A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4400B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4401B Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
E4402B Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
E4403B Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
E4407B Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
E4411A Spectrum Analyzer HP-Agilent
E4412A Power Sensor HP-Agilent
E4413A Power Sensor HP-Agilent
E4418A Power Meter HP-Agilent
E4418B Power Meter HP-Agilent
E4419A Power Meter HP-Agilent
E4419B Power Meter HP-Agilent
E4420A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4420B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4421B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4422B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4430A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4431B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4432A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4432B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4433A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4433B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4436B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E4437B Signal Generator HP-Agilent
E5061A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
E5062A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
E5071B Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
EPM441 Power Meter HP-Agilent
ESA-L1500A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
ESG2000A Signal Generator HP-Agilent
HP 11881 10:1 Divider HP-Agilent
N1913A Power Meter HP-Agilent
N2772A Differential Probe HP-Agilent
N3302A Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
N3304A Electronic Load Module HP-Agilent
N5062A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
N5747A Power Supply HP-Agilent
N5767A Power Supply HP-Agilent
N5769A Power Supply HP-Agilent
N6674A Power Supply HP-Agilent
N6731B Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6732B Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6733B Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6736B Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6744B Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6774A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6775A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N6776A Power Supply Module HP-Agilent
N9320A Network Analyzer HP-Agilent
U1211A Clamp Meter HP-Agilent
U1241A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
U1241B Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
U1242A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
U1242B Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
U1251A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
U1701B Handheld Capacitance Meter HP-Agilent
U2001A Power Sensor HP-Agilent
U3401A Digital Multimeter HP-Agilent
OS-620 Oscilloscope Hung Chang
TRACKER 2000 Fels?ningsinstrument Huntron
1000 Thermohygrograph Hygrotherm
RP100V-503 ESD Skoprovare IDEA
RP100V-600 Antistatic Floor Tester IDEA
RP100V-700 Antistatic Bench Tester IDEA
RP50V-400 ESD-Handledsremsprov IDEA
RP50V-500 ESD-Handledsremsprov IDEA
RP50V-503 ESD Skoprovare IDEA
RP50V-600 ESD-Floor Tester IDEA
CB10 TEST Kapacitanslåda Inab
2N150W-XDB Coaxial Attenuator Inmet
4BNC5W-XDB Coaxial Attenuator Inmet
6N50W-XDB Coaxial Attenuator Inmet
IPS-30B03D Power Supply Interact
775 Fältmätare ION Systems
MA2705 Decade Capacitor Iskra
9053 LCR Meter Iso-Tech
SS-5711 Oscilloscope Iwatsu
SS-7611 Oscilloscope Iwatsu
50BR-009 Step Attenuator JFW Industries
50DR-060 Step Attenuator JFW Industries
50FH*** Attenuator JFW Industries
50FP-** Coaxial Attenuator JFW Industries
50T-XXX-X Termination/Mismatch JFW Industries
560FH-XXX-XX Coaxial Attenuator JFW Industries
JFW 50FH Coaxial Attenuator JFW Industries
JFW 50FHAO Coaxial Attenuator JFW Industries
JFW FHAO Coaxial Attenuator JFW Industries
R701 Dekadresistans JJ Instruments
HFC510 Voltage Divider Jysk
196 Digital Multimeter Keithley
199 DMM /Scanner Keithley
220 Current Source Keithley
2000 Digital Multimeter Keithley
2304 Power Supply HS Keithley
2306 Power Supply/Charger Sim Keithley
2700 Digital Multimeter Keithley
2701 Digital Multimeter Keithley
175A Digital Multimeter Keithley
175-KEI Digital Multimeter Keithley
195A Digital Multimeter Keithley
197A Digital Multimeter Keithley
6517A High Resistance Meter Keithley
CS-4135 Oscilloscope Kenwood
CS-5230 Oscilloscope Kenwood
LF-30 LP-Filter Kenwood
LF-30A LP-Filter Kenwood
PLZ153W Electronic Load Kikusui
KC-545 LCR Meter Kokoyo
6003 Frequency Counter Kontron
6020 Universal Counter Kontron
3550 Programmable Filter Krohn Hite
6620 Precision Phasemeter Krohn-Hite
6620A Precision Phasemeter Krohn-Hite
2616 Directional Coupler Krytar
3131 Insulation tester Kyoritsu
3301 Insulation tester Kyoritsu
8113 AC/DC Clamp adaptor Kyoritsu
3132A Insulation Tester Kyoritsu
KEW MATE 2001 Digital Multimeter Kyoritsu
KM-48 Analog Meter Kyoritsu
KM-66 Analog Meter Kyoritsu
MFS10-0210 Frequency Reference Labetech
252 Thermohygrograf Lambrecht
LDM-171 Distortion Meter Leader
9310 Oscilloscope LeCroy
9310A Oscilloscope LeCroy
9310M Oscilloscope LeCroy
9314M Oscilloscope LeCroy
9304M Oscilloscope LeCroy
DA1850A Differential Amplifier LeCroy
PPE6KV High Voltage Probe LeCroy
SI 9000A Active diff. probe LeCroy
SI-9000A Differential Probe LeCroy
WAVEACE 222 Oscilloscope LeCroy
WAVEJET 324 Oscilloscope LeCroy
WAVERUNNER 104XI Oscilloscope LeCroy
LH1035 Current Clamp LEM
DM-9093 DMM / LCR meter Lutron
6960B Power Meter Marconi
2023 Signal Generator Marconi/IFR/AF
2024 Signal Generator Marconi/IFR/AF
2031 Signal Generator Marconi/IFR/AF
2022C Signal Generator Marconi/IFR/AF
2023B Signal Generator Marconi/IFR/AF
103A DC I/U Std Marconi-Adret
719 Power Supply Mascot
AFG-2500N Dragprovare Mecmesin
BFG200N Force gauge Mecmesin
PFI-500N Dragprovare Mecmesin
MIT310A Insulation tester Megger
38XR Digital Multimeter Meterman
5XP Digital Multimeter Meterman
MA4804 Variable transformer Metrel
MI2094 CE Multitester Metrel
GX240 Function Generator Metrix
HT212 HV-Probe Metrix
MX52S Digital Multimeter Metrix
MX53 Digital Multimeter Metrix
MX53C Digital Multimeter Metrix
MX54C Digital Multimeter Metrix
MX9030 Differential Probe Metrix
OX-803B Oscilloscope Metrix
QA-90 Safety Analyzer Metron
4060D LCR Meter MIC
MIC-4060D LCR Meter MIC
MIC-4070D LCR Meter MIC
BHP-X HP-Filter Mini-Circuits
BLP-X LP-Filter Mini-Circuits
ZSC-2-2 Power Splitter Mini-Circuits
DC-45C Digitalt skjutmått Mitutoyo
8600 Digital Multimeter MM
140 Clamp-on tester Multi
4012C-20 Directional Coupler Narda
752-X Coaxial Attenuator Narda
765-X Coaxial Attenuator Narda
766-X Coaxial Attenuator Narda
768-X Coaxial Attenuator Narda
771-X Coaxial Attenuator Narda
PCI-6251 16-Channel DAQ National Instruments
PXI-4072 PXI-DMM National Instruments
PXI-6251 16-Ch PXI DAQ National Instruments
PXI-6259 32-Ch PXI DAQ National Instruments
TST25 Torque Tester Norbar
2400 Frequency Counter Nova
B703DT Power Supply Oltronix
CF-350 FFT-analysator ONO SOKKI
IEC601-1 Shunt Ortivus
VP-7723A Audio Analyzer Panasonic
PE7021-6 Coaxial Attenuator Pasternack
CWT Rogowski C W T PEM
CWT-1 Current Wfrm Transducer PEM
6688 Frekvensräknare Pendulum
CNT-66 Timer /Counter Pendulum
CNT-81 Timer /Counter Analyzer Pendulum
CNT-90 Timer /Counter Pendulum
610-2P HIPOT tester Phenix
PM2518X Digital Multimeter Philips
PM2521 Digital Multimeter Philips
PM2525 Digital Multimeter Philips
PM2832 Power Supply Philips
PM3207 Oscilloscope Philips
PM3217 Oscilloscope Philips
PM3267 Oscilloscope Philips
PM3335 Oscilloscope Philips
PM3350A Oscilloscope Philips
PM5107 Function Generator Philips
PM5134 Function Generator Philips
PM6680B Universal Counter Philips
PM6654C Timer /Counter Philips-Fluke
PM6665 Timer /Counter Philips-Fluke
PM6666 Frequency Counter Philips-Fluke
PM6667 Timer /Counter Philips-Fluke
PM6670 Frequency Counter Philips-Fluke
PM6671 Timer /Counter Philips-Fluke
PM6673 Frequency Counter Philips-Fluke
PM97 Scopemeter Philips-Fluke
PIAB 10KG Dynamometer PIAB
PIAB 2.5KG Dynamometer PIAB
M3500A Digital Multimeter Picotest
PHV4 High Voltage Probe PMK
TONEOHM 850 Fault Locator Polar
3000 Power Supply Powerbox
3000A Power Supply Powerbox
3000C Power Supply Powerbox
6303DS Power Supply Powerbox
PBX428/125 Power Supply Powerbox
PL50 Electronic Load Powerbox
4000 Digital Voltmeter Prema
5017 Digital Multimeter Prema
4241 Differential Probe Probemaster
CM-05 AC/DC Current probe Prova
SENTRY 10 PLUS HIPOT tester QuadTech
SENTRY 25 AC/DC Hipot Tester QuadTech
1991 Universal Counter Racal-Dana
1992 Universal Counter Racal-Dana
3152 VXI Waveform Generator Racal-Dana
DDC-2112-R5-X Directional Coupler RF PC
M210 Milliohmmeter Rhopoint
DS5102MA Oscilloscope Rigol
CMD60 Digital Radiocomm. Tester Rohde & Schwarz
CMS50 Communication monitor Rohde & Schwarz
CMS54 Communication monitor Rohde & Schwarz
CMTA52 Radio Comm. Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
CMTA54 Radio Comm. Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
CMU200 Radio Transm. Tester Rohde & Schwarz
ESPC EMI Test Receiver Rohde & Schwarz
FS300 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
FSEA20 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
FSEA30 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
FSEB30 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
FSEM20 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
FSL3 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
FSU3 Spectrum Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
NAP Power Refl. Meter Rohde & Schwarz
NAP/NAP-Z7 Power Refl. Meter Rohde & Schwarz
NAP-Z3 Power Head Rohde & Schwarz
NAP-Z4 Power Head Rohde & Schwarz
NAP-Z6 Power Head Rohde & Schwarz
NAP-Z7 Power Head Rohde & Schwarz
NRT Power Refl. Meter Rohde & Schwarz
NRT-Z14 Power Head Rohde & Schwarz
NRT-Z51 Directional Power Sensor Rohde & Schwarz
NRV Power Meter Rohde & Schwarz
NRVD Power Meter Rohde & Schwarz
NRVS Power Meter Rohde & Schwarz
SME02 Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SME03 Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SME03E Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SME06 Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SMH Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SML03 Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SMT03 Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SMX Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
SMY02 Signal Generator Rohde & Schwarz
URE2 RMS Voltmeter Rohde & Schwarz
URV5-Z4_3G Insertion Unit Rohde & Schwarz
URV5-Z7 Insertion Unit Rohde & Schwarz
URY-Z2 Insertion Unit Rohde & Schwarz
ZVR Vector Network Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
ZVRE Vector Network Analyzer Rohde & Schwarz
5.40.2AM Amplifier SCD
SI4040 Radioprovare Schlumberger
PAT CHECK BOX Checkbox Seaward
SUPERNOVA+ Electrical Safety Tester Seaward
CMG30 Ground Continuity Tester Sefelec
RMG500 Dielec. Strength Tstr Sefelec
SE6545 Megohmmeter Sefelec
SMG500 Electrical Safety Tester Sefelec
4020 Digital Multimeter SOAR
7061 Digital Multimeter Solartron
7065 Voltmeter Solartron
7060G/H Digital Multimeter Solartron
VERITORQ Torque Meter SR
DS345 Function Generator SRS
DS360 Function Generator SRS
FS710 Distribution Amplifier SRS
SR620 Frequency Counter SRS
SR830 Lock-in Ampl. SRS
CD1 Decade Capacitor Swema
CDK1002 Decade Capacitor Swema
HVP-40 High Voltage Probe TEC TES
TAC30-6 Power Supply Tecstar
222 Oscilloscope Tektronix
465 Oscilloscope Tektronix
1103 Probe Power Supply Tektronix
2225 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2232 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2235 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2236 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2335 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2440 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2445 Oscilloscope Tektronix
2706 RF-Preselector Tektronix
2712 Spectrum Analyzer Tektronix
5110 Oscilloscope Tektronix
5111 Oscilloscope Tektronix
011-0049-01 50 ohm Feedthrough Tektronix
011-0059-02 10X Attenuator Tektronix
011-0129-00 50 ohm Feedthrough Tektronix
2424A Oscilloscope Tektronix
2424L Oscilloscope Tektronix
2430A Oscilloscope Tektronix
2465A Oscilloscope Tektronix
2465BCT Oscilloscope Tektronix
A6302 Current Probe Tektronix
A6303 Current Probe Tektronix
AFG320 Arb./Function Generator Tektronix
AM503B Current Probe Amplifier Tektronix
AWG2021 Arbitrary Waveform Gen Tektronix
AWG2041 Arbitrary Waveform Gen Tektronix
AWG510 Arbitrary Waveform Gen Tektronix
AWG520 Arbitrary Waveform Gen Tektronix
CSA-803A + SD22 Communication Analyzer Tektronix
DM5120 Digital Multimeter Tektronix
DMM850 Digital Multimeter Tektronix
DMM870 Digital Multimeter Tektronix
DMM912 Digital Multimeter Tektronix
DPO 7254 Oscilloscope Tektronix
P5200 HV Differential Probe Tektronix
P6021 Current Probe Tektronix
P6139A Passive Probe Tektronix
P6243 Active Probe Tektronix
PG506 Calibration Generator Tektronix
PS2511G Power Supply Tektronix
PWS4205 Power Supply Tektronix
TAP1500 Active Probe Tektronix
TCP0150 Current Probe Tektronix
TCP202 Current Probe Tektronix
TDS1002 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS1002B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS1012 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS1012B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2002B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2012 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2014 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2014B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2024 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2024B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS2024C Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS210 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS220 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3012 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3012B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3014 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3014B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3014C Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3032 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3034 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3034B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3052 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3054 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS3054B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS340 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS340A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS350 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS380 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS410A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS420/A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS430A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS460A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS520A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS520B Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS544A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS640A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS7054 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS724C Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS744A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS754D Oscilloscope Tektronix
TDS784D Oscilloscope Tektronix
THS720A Oscilloscope/DMM Tektronix
THS730A Oscilloscope Tektronix
TLS216 Logic Scope Tektronix
TM502A Frame Tektronix
TPS2012 Oscilloscope Tektronix
TX1 Digital Multimeter Tektronix
TX3 Digital Multimeter Tektronix
P6245 Active Probe Tektronx
44L1P Wattmeter Telewave
TES1600 Isolationsprovare TES
608-H1 Hygrometer Testo
feb-83 Digital Thermometer Therm
SHU Shunt Thermovolt
HM28 Manometer Thommen
HM35 Manometer Thommen
EP3 Jordtestare Tietzsch
DT-443 Digital Multimeter Tillquist
IRT2 Insulation tester Tillquist
TQ-703 Digital Multimeter Tillquist
TQ-707 Digital Multimeter Tillquist
TQ714 Digital Multimeter Tillquist
TQ-925 Digital Multimeter Tillquist
TQ-935 Digital Multimeter Tillquist
HTF-525-X Termination 50ohm Tirlithic
6-BTG Torque Tester Tohnichi
DB6N Momentnyckel Tonichi
HFP-X Coaxial Attenuator Trilithic
RA-534-BNC Step Attenuator Trilithic
1906 Computing Multimeter TTi
EL302D Power Supply TTi
PFM3000 Frequency Counter TTi
PL155 Power Supply TTi
QL355TP Power Supply TTi
TF830 Frequency Counter TTI
TG1010 Function Generator TTi
TG2000 Function Generator TTi
TG215 Function Generator TTI
TG550 Function Generator TTi
TGP110 Pulse Generator TTi
TSX1820P Power Supply TTi
ISO X Isolationsprovare Unilap
PCM-4 PCM Channel Measuring Set Wandel & Goltermann
PCM-5 PCM-Channel Measuring Set Wandel & Goltermann
166 Waveform Generator Wavetek
178 Function Generator Wavetek
270 Function Generator Wavetek
4600 Transconductance Amplifier Wavetek
29 (W) Function Generator Wavetek
4808FC-WB Multifunction Calibrator Wavetek
DM23XT Digital Multimeter Wavetek
DM30XL Digital Multimeter Wavetek
9100 Calibrator Wavetek/Fluke
40-3-XX Coaxial Attenuator Weinschel
DVM860BL Digital Multimeter Velleman
TVM-620 Vectorscope Videotec
J3 High Voltage Tester Willy Nielsen
6409 RF Analyzer Wiltron
60NF50 SWR Bridge Wiltron
6400-71N50 RF-Detector Wiltron
87A50-1 SWR Bridge Wiltron
97N50 SWR Autotester Wiltron
METRISO 2000 ESD Testinstrument Wolfgang Warmbier
PGT100 Personal Grounding tester Wolfgang Warmbier
PGT120 ESD-Provare Wolfgang Warmbier
PGT2000 ESD Test Station Wolfgang Warmbier
SRM-110 Surface Resistance Meter Wolfgang Warmbier
PM100 Power Analyzer Voltech
PM300 Power Analyzer Voltech
VC4018 Temp. Provskåp Vötsch
7001 Oscilloscope Yokogawa
DL9040L Oscilloscope Yokogawa
COAXATTEN Coaxial Attenuator
COAXTERM Coaxial Termination 50ohm
CRANE Torque Tester
DB3 Momentnyckel 0-6Nm
DI4 Induktansdekad
DLT-1671 Torque Tester
DT-889 Digital Multimeter
DZM 5 Varvralsräknare IKA-TRON
ESDWST Wrist Strap Tester
H-NORMAL Induktansnormal
IRT-S Insulation Resistance Tester
MIK1 Mikrometer 0-25mm
MOMENT Momentverktyg
RCD 30MA Jordfelsbrytare
SKJ1 Skjutmått 0-300mm
TERMOHYGRO Digital termohygrometer
WST Wrist strap tester