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What means what?

This is not the exact meaning, but simply described is:

Measurement – a series of actions to determine size of a magnitude
Measured Magnitude – the Magnitude of Measurement
Calibration – to comfirm relation between a Measurement Device´s showed value and corresponding known value
Traceability – to relate a measurement to suitable Standards though an unbroken Chain of comparision
Measurement Error – Measured value minus true value
Correction Term – a value wich shall be added to measured value to compensate for Measurement Device´s Error
Measurement Uncertainty – an estimated area wich the measured value probably is within
Accuracy – grade of agreement between measured value and Magnitude
Measurement Equipment – Measurement Devices, Standards and Reference Material used for testing or calibration
Metrological comfirmation – series of measures wich have to be done to secure that Demands are fulfilled
Adjustment – measure to bring a Measurement Device to a propriate level for it´s use
Calibration Standard – Measurement Device inteded to define, materialise, keep or reproduce a Magnitude for comparision