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What can NanoCal calibrate?

Here are some examples of what categories and models NanoCal can calibrate.
We can of course calibrate more types and models. With Manuals or Specifications we are able to create new Calibration Methods for just the type You are asking for. For this, our Customers often have got special Knowledge about what specifications are used by them and how a Method or what limits are to be used in a Calibration. Regulary, the Method described in the Manual is used (Performance Tests).

Categories calibrated by us:

Digital Multimeters for DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI och resistance, handheld as well as
advanced high-resolution System Multimeters (- 8,5 Digits)
DC Power Supplies, to 100A
DC Loads
Frequency Counters to 26,5 GHz
Function- och arbitrary Generators
Signal Generators to 26,5 GHz
Spectrum Analyzers up to 18 GHz
Network Analyzers
Transmitter Testers
Power Meters (RF-power)
Calipers och micrometers
Torque Tools to 30 Nm
High-Voltage Testers to 40 kV
Resistance-, inductors- and capacitance measurements

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